Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 6 & 7 in Glasgow

On Friday around 9 in the morning we went to a distillery and learned how the make whiskey. It smelt so strong of alcohol my stomach was turning. After the field trip, I went to the Physiology lecture. The classroom is dark and I was very sleepy so that wasn't a great combination, but I managed to stay up. Simon and Kirsten practiced their American accents and sayings while I tried to speak like a Scottish person. While we ate lunch in the cafeteria a random lady came up to me and handed me a pamphlet. She asked me multiple questions about where I'm from and what not. When she left and I looked at the pamphlet it was information on how to make friends :-( I thought it was hilarious that even though she was across the room she could spot that I wasn't from here. After school, Kirsten and I did more shopping and eventually met up with Stephan and Julie at Nandos a Portuguese restaurant. I got so excited that we were in a Portuguese place that I quickly asked for linguica. Everyone that knows me well knows I'm addicted to linguica. When the waitress turned me down and said no I was sad but the food that I did order was good. On the bright side I got 2 mango smoothies :-) After eating I went back to the hotel and studied chemistry. Today, Saturday, I went to Edinburgh with Stephan to visit the castles and palaces. It was spectacular, I have pictures but because my laptop is broken(R.I.P) I can't upload the pictures on the blog yet, only on Facebook. By the way, their trains are beautiful and so is the landscape. I ate Di'Maggios for the last time with Stephan and after took a nap. A few hours later I got ready and left with Kirsten and her family to go to a ceilidh (a really fun Scottish party) I had the time of my life and met a really handsome man from London, he asked me to dance lol... Of course I said yes. Now I'm all packed and relaxing. By the way, I have surprises for everyone, alrighty gooodnight :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 5 in Glasgow

As some of you may know Shayna went home this morning. After we pulled an all nighter , I fell asleep at 6 a.m and pretty much slept until 3:30 p.m. I was exhausted. After I woke up I went shipping with Kirsten. As soon as I stepped foot into H&M my heart dropped. Versace now has a section in H&M. It launched today. After we shopped for a while, Kirsten and I went back to Wagamama to eat. This time I got a rice and chicken dish with curry sauce. When we finished we went home because Kirsten had homework and I needed to study for Chemistry. I studied for a while and not too long ago I was listening to music. Well I'm gonna go to sleep, they'll be more interesting things tomorrow. Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pictures taken by Shayna

Day 4 of Glasgow!

Today I got to sleep in. When I woke up I went to GCU to present our wikis to their principals, deans, and other important people. After that I got some food with Kirsten and Shayna at a place called Wagamama. We got fancy ramen noodles lol. Then we bought a few stuff. Now its 3:12 in the morning and I'm helping Shayna pack because she has to go home tomorrow. I'm hoping she feels better soon. Well since I'm up I might as well finally upload some of the pictures from The Kelvingrove Museum...there's alot of it. Gooodnight everyone, I'll upload some more pictures tomorrow.